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Data media packaging

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Digitray CD, DVD and Bluray

Digitray CD, DVD and Bluray

Digitray CD, DVD and Bluray in transparent or opaque (matt) color. Available in glossy or matte finish.

Jewel Case CD Boxes

Jewel Case CD Boxes

Jewel Case CD and CD Tray packaging. Available in transparent designs with high quality raw material.

Nosta (Nosta Company) specializes in producing packaging for companies in the broader entertainment industry. Our products create packaging for music, film, audio and video game media. Our portfolio includes such products as Digitray CD, Digitray DVD and Jewel Case CD, which are appreciated by the biggest printing houses, publishing houses and printing plants in Poland and in the European Union. Our Digitray CD, DVD, Bluray and Jewel Case CDs help create memorable editions and releases of music albums, films, audiobooks and games.

Nosta - Quality in plastics

We specialize in the production of packaging and other plastic details. We offer a comprehensive service including molded part design, injection mold construction and serial production of the detail.

Our 20 years of experience in plastics processing and construction of injection molds ensures selection of optimal solutions for each project.


NOSTA Nowicki Suchorab
Spółka Jawna

10 Daszyńskiego Street
PL 32-065 Krzeszowice

NIP/VAT ID PL6790004626

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